Sunday, May 27, 2012

Bitter and Sweet

Lots of things happening here at Swamp Creek Farm as we reach the week before field planting.

Here are some of the new Dominique chicks.

I only bought 15 this year, but they will give me plenty of eggs and allow me to better control trying to start my own flock.  I really like the Doms.  These little critters are already scratching and chasing bugs.  They are great foragers and take cold weather well.

On Friday, Lara and I sold poppies for Memorial Day over at the Post Office in Butternut. She was very excited to come with me and enjoyed talking to the people who bought poppies.  She wore her poppy print jumper that I sewed for her.  The wind was chilly despite the sunny day and I was glad we wore sweaters and brought my shawl.  Lara wants to volunteer with me again next year.

I am busy working on the fences, cutting back weeds and brush from our fire zone, and trying to keep the seedlings going in the greenhouse till we can plant.  Our temperatures are expected to get down in the 30's again by the end of this week so I won't plant the seedlings outside till after then.  June 1 and 2 the moon is in Scorpio so those are my target planting days.  I did plant 350' of my Red Cloud potatoes saved from last year on the 20th while the moon was in Taurus.  (The seed potatoes kept wonderfully over the winter!) When I go out to plant on the 1st, I will probably  need to hill them already what with all the rain we've had this week.  It rained heavily again last night, but we've been so dry that the rain just soaked into the ground right away. 

Tom took Ed for some oral surgery and we are waiting to hear the biopsy results. Everything is expected to be ok.  And, Tom and I have made it to 37 years together. 

Time is short for me today so I'll catch up with you later.  Take care and be safe this Memorial Day weekend, and do remember to pray for the brave souls who died so that we can be free.

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  1. Anonymous11:18 PM

    Congratulation on 37 years. Temperature here very confusing for the plants also, from mid-90s with nighttime lows in 30s expected this week. Best wishes as always, MKE Kim.