Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Spinning Round and Round

When I looked out the kitchen window this morning, the temperature was already 50F. The day was cloudy and the snow is receding rapidly. But I hardly noticed. It's time for a farm update.

We are having a horrendous 2008, and so are many of our friends! Our Tom was diagnosed with malignant melanoma and has had two surgeries so far. It's been back and forth to doctors between Park Falls, Minocqua and Marshfield, and I expect the travel to increase. Last week I took Lara for annual bloodwork, and yesterday took her to see our new regular doctor. Today, I took the truck to Wheelway in Fifield to get fixed (the engine malfunction light has been on and we found the engine needed a new valve). Tomorrow I take Lara to Minicqua to see her neurologist, and tomorrow night is the re-scheduled Price Direct meeting at 7:00 p.m. in Phillips. I plan to take the van and hope it runs ok -- Tom says it is leaking transmission oil. Next week I take Tom back to Marshfield for his post-op appointment and maybe get his stitches out. Some time next week I will probably have to take him (hopefully to the oncologist in Minocqua) to get the drain taken out of his leg. Also have the tree and shrub pick up in Phillips next Friday (can't wait to get my witch hazel and hickory nut trees!). And so far this month I've put $240 in the gas tank.

Our other news is about our Sarah. She is hopefully graduating SIU on May 9 (if the Army lets her; she has to go for training during finals week and she is hoping her teachers will give her a grade based on her current work). She is being sent to the Middle East and has already been transferred to a different unit. So, IF we make it to the graduation (depends on Tom's cancer treatment schedule)and since Tom can't drive or lift anything, my sister, niece and I will box up Sarah's stuff while Tom sits with Lara and Ed, take care of the landlord (and just pray that Sarah did the paperwork she was supposed to and doesn't have to pay June or July rent)and we will say our good-byes the day after graduation. I am sure we will be staying an extra night in a hotel somewhere because there is no way I can pack that kid up and then drive 11 hours back here to the farm with stops along the way to catheterize Lara and for Tom to get his insulin. Besides, I'll probably be sobbing the whole trip. Then Sarah will ride back to Chicago and stay with my sister until she leaves to join her unit. She plans to sell her car to one of her cousins (who can duke it out over who gets the car).

Well! What this all means is that there will be no chickens or eggs available this year for sale. I simply will not have the time to care for livestock. (I miss my chickipoos, too!) I am feverishly working to pot up my seedlings in the basement as I can't get out to the high tunnel yet, and I want to get more vegetable flats started. The Wong Bok Chinese cabbage and Copenhagen Market cabbage look really good, as do the Southport Red Globe onions, St. Valery carrots, and collards. Some of the herbs are coming up well (I seem to have more trouble with starting herbs). With all the troubles though, I have a good feeling about the garden this year, so we will just have to see how everything winds up.

With all the snow receding I can see we have a lot of tree limbs down. Maybe I won't have to work too hard to get the wood for my hops trellis and fence posts -- I have to have SOMETHING to do to reduce my stress level! :D

Lastly, on the way to town to get the truck fixed I saw a bull moose between Swamp Creek and The Midway tavern! I slammed on the brakes when I saw it I was so surprised. The thing looked right at me. He had a bull rack and boy did he look scraggy. He was huge! I had heard that there was a moose cow sighted around here but as far as I know, no one has seen a bull moose. Tom said it was too bad I didn't have the digital camera with me.

There are some really tough astrological aspects going on now and more coming up soon, so the hard times are going to continue, especially for people with many water signs and then earth signs in their charts. Just remember that everything passes and sooner or later, one way or another, you will get past the difficulties. Let's all just keep taking things one day at a time!