Saturday, February 02, 2013

Ground Hog Day

Well, the groundhog may predict an early spring, but I feel like a walking popsicle here and will believe we will have an early spring when it shows up.  Despite the continued below zero temperatures, the chickens are holding up well -- no frozen feet or combs.  They won't venture outside the coop even though I leave the door open for them, but at least the coop is getting plenty of fresh air.  I think we may have a pair of bald eagles nesting somewhere down by the creek because I saw them perched in a tree across the road yesterday.  I've also seen them circling the woods and I am glad the chickens are staying inside the coop.  It's too cold to do anything outside so I have been studying for my General license and researching trying to decide what kind of radio I want to buy.  I'm waiting for my garden seeds to arrive in the mail, and I still have to order my seed potatoes.  Not too much happening here, so I'll talk to you soon and send blessings to you all!