Tuesday, November 21, 2006

2007 Seed List

Well, I have the seed list for next year's garden pretty well finalized and I thought I would put it up on the blog for all of you.

Root Crops
Carrots -- St. Valery
Turnips -- White Egg
Rutabegas -- Laurentian
Scallions -- Evergreen Hardy
Onions --New York Early Globe (will also have onion transplants but haven't decided on what varieties)
Beets -- Bull's Blood
Potatoes -- Katahdin

Collards -- Champion
Lettuce -- Forellenschluss (romaine type)
Beet greens -- Bull's Blood
Mustard greens -- Southern Giant Curled

Boston Pickling
Australian Lemon

Beans, Pole
Scarlet Runner
Cherokee Trail of Tears

Beans, Bush
Jacob's Cattle
Indian Woman Yellow
Vermont True Red Cranberry
Dragon Tongue

Moon and Stars
Burpee Crenshaw

Hot Peppers (*indicates seed from Tom's Viet Nam buddy, Bill Betz, and his wife, Linda)
Early Jalapeno
Thai Hot*, Thai Hot2*, Thai Hot3*, and Laos*
Hot Portugal
Joe's Long Cayenne

Sweet Peppers
Cal Wonder
Cal Wonder Yellow
Chervena Chuska
Jimmy Nardello Sweet Italian Frying Pepper

Perkins Long Pod

Summer Squash
Golden Dawn zucchini
Raven zucchini

Mandan Bride (flour corn)

Polk hard red spring wheat
Oats (organic variety undecided)

Mammoth Russian

Arkansas Traveler (pink slicer)
Stupice (good all purpose)
Black Plum (paste)
Riesentraube (cherry)
Rutgers (good all purpose, not an heirloom but I love it!)

Rosa Bianca (this has low yields where nights can be cool so I may change this)

Winter Squash
New England Pie Pumpkins (from our own seed)
Dill's Atlantic Giant
Blue Ballet (a little heirloom Hubbard)
Sugar Loaf Delicata (requested by a customer -- keep those requests coming!)

We will be putting in a large herb garden this year in front of the high tunnel that will include Genovese Basil, Cilantro (another request!), Anthem Dill, curly and flat-leaf Parsley, Summer Savory, Thyme, Salad Burnet, Rosemary and many more. We will also be planting lots of flowers again and our usual cover crops of peas, buckwheat, oats, and annual rye.

In the spring I will also purchase some more Bali pie cherry trees and one more apple tree to finish replacing the trees that died.

Tomorrow I start cooking for Thanksgiving. Happy Holiday to you all!