Saturday, February 19, 2011

Keeping Busy

It's been busy around here.  My sister and I cleaned our Dad's house while he was in the hospital having a cyst removed from his kidney, and now we are running with him back and forth for various appointments.  Tom has been great about feeding Dad's outdoor wood furnace twice a day.  Then, our "Big Green" van ultimately died on us and we decided that we couldn't continue pumping money into it.  We went to Wheel Way Auto in Fifield and bought a 2010 Dodge Caravan minivan.  It was a great deal.  Because it was last year's model, we got a $500 dealer's discount, a $3,200 discount from Dodge, and another $500 discount because I'm a member of the Farm Bureau, so we got a nicely loaded new vehicle for just over $22,100.  The best part of it is that we started putting money aside for a new vehicle after we bought the truck in 2004 and we had enough saved to pay cash.  With the economy crashing I was glad to put the money into a tangible asset instead of having worthless paper.  The van is  metallic pearl black with grey interior.  We're not used to bucket seats, and riding on the road in it seems kind of weird after sitting so high in Big Green, but that new vehicle smell is soooo nice (even if it is toxic).   But buying the mini van was a bittersweet experience because with the "passing" of Big Green came the realization that a big part of our life is now over.  Big Green saw us see the kids through all the events of their school years, took us to both Fort Jackson in South Carolina to see our Soldier Girl graduate from Army boot camp and to Carbondale, Illinois to see her graduate from Southern Illinois University.  Big Green moved with us from our Chicago area home of 27 years to the family farm here in northern Wisconsin.  I couldn't even look at Big Green when we left it on the lot as a donation to a vehicle recycling program.  Well, we are not young any more and that's a fact.  You gotta keep moving on.

Finished the last apron.  I think it's beautiful.  We'll see if it sells.

Here's a close up of the print:

Our Eddy turned 24 on the 9th.  I bought him a good pair of steel-toed hiker shoes.  We had chocolate cake which he loves.

Tom is happy because he won a turkey hunting license in the state raffle.   Seeing turkeys in the back yard makes him VERY happy.

Well, I lost my winter hat and have to make a new one so I'll leave off for now.  Stay safe and warm!

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