Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Workers Rights at Risk

File:Haymarket Martyr's Memorial.jpg  This is a picture of the Haymarket Martyr's Memorial (picture taken by Jeff Zoline) located in Forest Home Cemetery in Forest Park, Illinois (just so happens I grew up in Forest Park, Illinois) and commemorates a tragic event in the history of organized labor in the United States, the Haymarket Riot.  Throughout the years, various monuments about the Haymarket Riot have been vandalized, I suspect to repudiate politicizing of the event. 

File:Riot Monument.JPG

The Wisconsin protests have me remembering the Haymarket Riot and the hardships workers suffered at the hands of corporation owners in order to obtain decent working conditions and fair wages.  These protests have everybody up in arms, and I pray for cool heads to prevail.  I am very proud of the people protesting for worker rights in Madison, and I am so happy that people realize the issue at stake is NOT salaries but WORKER RIGHTS. 

I have to include the "crank" call to Scott Walker.  I am sooooo glad I DID NOT VOTE for this guy.

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