Friday, October 23, 2009

Taking It Easy

I should be outside working but I have to admit I'm more inclined to indulge my comfort zone today.  Besides, the temps are in the 30'sF and it's gone from snow to rain and expected to go back to snow later tonight with 2-5" inches expected depending on where you live.  Even my chickipoos are staying inside the coop -- except for one crazy hen who stands sentry and starts cackling madly whenever she sees a squirrel move.  Hmmm, what else can I use for an excuse -- oh, yeah, I butchered another 4 roosters yesterday and canned a couple of quarts of chicken broth I made from the carcasses, and my back hurts.  In fact, last night my back hurt so bad I got out the Conair Family Fitness Touch 'n Tone Plus with Infrared Heat (I just call it "the vibrator") and used the deep muscle attachment on my cramping back muscles to keep me from writhing on the floor in agony.  I'm going to have to work on building some kind of butchering table that is tall enough for me to work at comfortably.  (I bought that Conair massager years ago to use on our Ed (he's autistic) to calm him down when his behavior started getting out of hand.  I don't know why it worked to calm him, but there were sure times it saved my sanity.  It still puts him in la-la land.)

Anyway, today I had to go in to town to give some blood for my doctor who is monitoring me on my diet, and wouldn't you know there was a book sale in the clinic lobby -- book sales are one of my admitted weaknesses -- and, of course, I had to rummage after I got stuck.  (First, the diet could be going better -- bad, bad Joyce!-- and second, it only took two times for the girl to get the blood she needed. Hurray!)  I bought two neat, royalty free graphic books with CD's that I can use when I get around to setting up a farm newsletter, and I couldn't resist buying a cook book with over 600 ribbon winning recipes from county fairs all over the country.  Lara and I love to talk recipes, and we're slowly making up a simple menu for when we build our dedicated farm stand that will have a small cafe/shop area and commercial kitchen.  We will have some good times discussing some of this book's recipes.

Potato pancakes are on the menu tonight for supper.  They are always a nice supper on a cold day.  I like mine topped with applesauce, while Tom and Ed like theirs with sour cream or maple syrup.  La says she is tired of potato pancakes, but said she'll try one topped with apricot preserves.  So, everyone will be happy!

There is good news for our Northwoods Special Olympics kids:  the girls came in 1st place and the boys came in 2nd place in the regional games that were held in Duluth, MN last week, and now they will be traveling to Wausau, WI for the state games.   Congratulations and good luck to them at state!  Thanks to Feit's Bowling Alley for letting us bowl there, and thanks to the Park Falls Lions Club for sponsoring our group.  BTW, if anyone would like to donate to our Special Olympics chapter, we can use a bowling ramp that will assist athletes in wheelchairs (like our Lara) to bowl with the other kids.  They cost around $160.  Our Chapter is Wisconsin Special Olympics Chapter Northwoods 3-13, and our regional office is through Eau Claire, WI.  Tony Erba is our agency manager. 

Stay warm!

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