Thursday, October 08, 2009

Plugging Along

Just read the latest ATTRA newsletter and they have a nice link to a new article about small scale egg processing:  Terrific!

BTW, have you noticed the recent flurry of news segments about how eggs are high on the list of foods that can make you sick?  I find the timing of this story very curious since eggs are one of the few natural food sources of vitamin D -- which most people are seriously deficient in and which is now, according to recent research (check out at and also do a search there on vitamin D), is known to combat many diseases, including multiple sclerosis, several types of cancer, and influenza

On a lighter note, the sun is shining today!   Tom worked in his garden bringing in the last of his collard greens, and he turned everything over with the BCS and then planted his garlic.  (I'm still waiting for my Kettle River garlic to come.)  I raked up the big compost pile and made it neat again -- the chickens love scratching in it -- and added some new leaves to it.  Then it was back to the kitchen where I started working on another batch of tomatoes.  I am steaming them and canning the juice.  The soft pulp is run through the Foley food mill, and the strained sauce goes into another stock pot.  After supper I will reheat the sauce and can it.  (The chickens love the tomato residue.)  My friend, Roz, is going to give me two bushels of paste tomatoes, so I'll can the paste in half pint jars this weekend.

Here are a couple of new Fall pics for you:

Well, the timer is calling so I'll let you go.  Later!

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