Friday, June 12, 2009

Fence Mending

Long day today! I went out to the field after taking care of Lara this morning and continued working on taking down the woven and smooth wire from the roadside fence that was inside the utility easement, and digging out the fence posts. I thought the flies were going to eat me alive! Then, after lunch, Tom and Ed came out to the field with me and helped me put in the cedar fence posts that Dad gave me a few weeks ago along the new fence line that I marked with string yesterday. We moved the fence line well inside of where CenturyTel marked the utilities, and now I won't have to worry about digging inside the fence. Only about half that side of the fence was inside the easement, but at some point I will straighten out the rest of the line. It certainly looks much straighter now! Tomorrow we may go to a nursery so I don't know if we will get to stapling up the wire or not. In any event I will need to go to the field and water everything. I still need to plant the squash seeds where the seedlings died, too, and boy, are the thistles coming up where I planted the kidney beans. Yeah, I could use a clone right now.

Haven't lost any more chickens, but the dog has been good about chasing away the foxes. That's it for today.

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