Monday, January 05, 2009

Good Day for Working

This morning the thermometer read -18F and warmed up to hover around 10F. For a change the sun shone and there was no wind, so I bundled up, grabbed my Forest Axe, measuring tape, and Western Saw and slowly broke a path through thigh deep snow in the woods and managed to cut down two trees that gave me 6 more fence posts. I don't have a skidding chain, so I cut a length of clothesline and managed to pull most of the posts to my started post pile with that. The clothesline worked pretty well, but I am sure the snow pack helped. If I can keep this pace each time the weather lets me work outside, I should have all the posts I need cut before the chicks come in March. And I should lose the 40 pounds the doctor wants me to lose!

It's funny how events tend to run in spurts. Today, for instance, was my "Communications" day: I got my Amazon order (thank you, Kim, for the Christmas gift certificate!) of the ARRL training books so I can study and apply for a shortwave radio license, and today I received wonderful calls from dear friends and relatives.

I'd say it was just about a perfect day! Think I'll fix a cup of peppermint tea and peruse the new A.M. Leonard catalog. . . .

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