Saturday, October 25, 2008

Went to an Auction Today

It was cold and dreary today, and the wind cut with a sharp chill. But that didn't stop me from going to the auction in town today. I made out pretty good, too. I bought a nice little metal toolbox to put all my hand tools in for $20, and there was a pair of pliers, a perfect condition hand drill inscribed with "Greenfield Mass. 1868", a grommet tool, and a never opened metal stapler inside it. I bought a large quantity of galvanized nails for $2, a nice bench with storage for $15, and a good condition pair of galvanized wash tubs with stand (I need to replace the plug and drain tube) for $20. To buy those wash tubs new would cost around $250 with tax and shipping! My sister, Mary, stopped by the auction and helped me get the wash tubs down from the loft they were in, and she helped me take them and the storage bench to our van. I was feeling pretty good. I went over to Mary's house for a while before coming home. It was a nice day.

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