Monday, October 20, 2008

Not Much Time Left for Digging

Today was a perfect October day. The sky was dark blue and the blowing clouds had steel gray in them. The temperature was in the 40s so when I went out to sift dirt I made sure I had my gloves and a heavy shirt on. Even after working a while I didn't get overheated. I managed to get the box closest to the rhubarb, the one where I had planted the peas and beans, filled with dirt. I buried all the vines and I noticed several worms in the dirt I added, so I expect that when I go out in February to plant there will be loads of worms. That will be wonderful! I covered the box with its plastic over the hoops so that box is all set. I have only the second box, the one with the carrots, bunching onions, and sorrel, to add dirt to and hopefully I will get that done tomorrow. Tom says he heard we are to get snow some time this week, so I have to hurry.

I would have gone to the field and re-strung the fence wire today, but Tom had to take the van in for an oil change and to get checked because we think the transmission is shot. When it rains, it pours! He is taking it back to town tomorrow.

Saturday there is an auction in Park Falls I want to go to. I hope I can get some items I am looking for. I could really use a decent grain mixer for mixing chicken feed, a working grain grinder -- I'd love a Milpa #2 hand mill -- miscellaneous hardware like nails, screws, nuts, bolts, washers, etc., and I am looking for some galvanized tubs -- at least 15 gallons each -- I could use two of those for washing produce, butchering chickens, and doing laundry if the power goes out. They are supposed to be selling a couple of piles of lumber, too. I wonder what those will go for -- I need to build a duck house, a goose house, and a bigger chicken coop. With the way the economy is going, better try to get what you need now while you can. says the shipping from overseas is way backed up because of the credit crunch and we will see shortages in stores very shortly. A European financial analyst, I don't remember where I saw the story, is predicting US default on treasuries next summer. I don't like the sound of that. Anyway, I paid off the credit card today and we are hunkering down now.

Here are some more pics from my walk.

There is a view of Swamp Creek, the hay road, the fence I'm working on, a bird's nest I spotted in some raspberry brambles, and a view of the snowmobile bridge from the other side of the creek.

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