Tuesday, October 28, 2008

First Snow of the Season

Well, we had the first snow of the season yesterday. We probably got about 2", but today it is already melting -- not all melted, but you can see the grass show here and there. The air temperature stayed pretty cold, too, despite the sun shining most of the day.

I decided to stay inside the house and clean. I scrubbed the floors, dusted, and vaccuumed the downstairs bedrooms and stairs. I cleaned the living room rugs. Then I moved the wash tubs from the garage into the basement and put most of the canning stuff away for now. The herb dehydrator and Mehu Lisa steamer were put away, too. It's amazing how much more room the house seems to have when everything is put away properly! This evening I intend to read and work on my planting succession plan for the garden and high tunnel for next year. I can't wait for the garden catalogs to start coming so I can glean them for seed varieties. Tom has lit a fire in the wood stove and the house is getting warm and cozy as the daylight fades . . . .

Here are pics of my wash tubs and the bench I bought at the auction:

I need to buy a new hose and a couple of rubber stoppers for the wash tubs. Right now they are good to hold the oats I bought to plant for a cover crop this Fall and wasn't able to get planted. Well, I'll be able to plant them next Spring after the snow melts.

The bench is really cute. I think I may paint it black to match the appliances but I haven't decided yet. Right now it is a good place to hold my plastic storage containers in the tall basket, and potatoes and onions in the smaller baskets. The plastic storage lids, my food processor and blender fill in the bottom shelf, and some cookbooks fit nicely in the storage area under the bench lid.

I like to say a big HAPPY BIRTHDAY to our friend, Bill Betz, up in Albany, NY. HOPE YOU HAD A GREAT DAY!

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