Saturday, October 10, 2009

Meanwhile, In the Lake Superior Snow Belt

Guess what blew in last night . . .

yep, Old Man Winter left his calling card in the season's first snowfall.  The snow on the grass on the north side of the house never did melt, and the cold north wind sharply whistled an ever louder tune as the day went on.  The trees shiverred off most of their leaves which whirled like dervishes in a mad dance of color.  Tonight it's supposed to get down to 17F with 1-2" of snow possible.  

The chickens were funny.  They didn't know what to make of the snow and wouldn't venture out of the coop till most of it had melted.  The hens fluffed up their feathers and preferred to contentedly roost inside the coop.  They squawked at me loudly when I went to gather eggs and turn over the bedding under the roosts.  I was reminded of a young suitor being grilled by all the old aunts!  The roosters were a little braver and roamed in between and around the tarp covered firewood stacks.  I took pity on them and gave them some left over corn bread.

Roz never showed up with the tomatoes and one thing led to another so about all I got done today was the laundry and vacuuming.  The good news is that my Kettle River Garlic finally came so tomorrow after lunch I'll be outside planting the garden boxes.  Now that most of the leaves are fallen, my winter mulch will be easy to gather. 

Tom lit a fire in the wood stove tonight to take the chill out of the air.  Our small house was quickly warm and cozy.  The conversation turned to winter clothing inventory, hunting, and homemade cinnamon rolls.    Now that's a nice thought to end on!

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