Sunday, September 04, 2011

Saturday Market

Proud to say I chipped in to have this sign made for our market

Saturday started out rainy and chilly.  I was tempted to turn the car around and come home while Lara and I headed toward Phillips because the rain was coming down so hard, but I took a chance that the rain would stop, and it did shortly after we reached the farmers market.  I was surprised at the number of customers that showed up; usually when the weather is off so are the customers.  I suppose the good numbers were because of visitors and the long Labor Day holiday weekend.

Marie, a local caterer and long time local food supporter, had a tent next to us and cooked samples of the everybody's produce.  The air smelled soooo good!  She bought some of our Red Cloud potatoes and made "Loaded Potatoes" (steamed potato split and filled with your choice of chicken or pulled port, steamed veggies, and topped with dollops of sour cream and shredded cheddar cheese).  Lara and I bought one and was it ever good.  Talk about healthy eating!

Marie and her tent

We sold another bushel of corn and close to 30 pounds of potatoes.  Lara and I were very pleased when a man came to our booth and told us he thought we had the best tasting food at the market!  That really made my day.  My produce may not be the biggest or prettiest or largest quantity, but I don't use commercial fertilizers and I slug through the growing season with only hand tools and my trusty BCS 722 walking tractor.  My produce tends to be small because I am still building my soil's fertility, but you just can't beat those old heirloom varieties for taste.  They shine!  And the lady that bought my small onions last week, came back and bought more because she said she loved the way they tasted.  When customers come back like this you know you are selling real food.

This is Dawn.  She networks with John and Floyd, the guys who take the time to haul everybody's scales down to Medford each Spring to get calibrated for the season. Because they are a network of growers, they always have a wide selection of veggies at their booth.  I like the way they use old potato and feed sacks to decorate their table.  I bought a whole box of tomatos from them for $18 to supplement the less than half a bushel of Rutgers tomatos I got from my garden. 

Phil didn't want his picture taken but allowed me to take one of his booth.  His veggies are simply enviable.  He gave me some advice about my soil, which was very nice of him.  We are a friendly group in Phillips, but we are definitely food oriented.  While we can offer crafts for sale, at least 50% of each booth must be dedicated to food or food products!

Phil's table

This is our market manager, Diane of B's Flambeau Acres.  She and her husband, Alan, sell honey and maple syrup.  It's delicious!  Diane was the first friend I made when we moved to Wisconsin and she is very dear to my heart.

Diane of B's Flambeau Acres
And to round it off, here is our booth and the rest of the vendors at the other end of the market.  I'm embarrassed to say that I can't remember everybody's names.

Find the farmers market nearest where you live and visit it.  Farmers markets are good for the stomach and good for the soul!

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