Tuesday, December 09, 2008


Woke up this morning with horrid pressure in my frontal sinuses; my ears are ringing and boy, do I feel nauseaus. Got an e-mail from my friend, Kim, in DC and she is in bed with aches and pain, and Tom has bad body ache today, too. Normally I wouldn't think much of it -- after all, we are in our 50's and cold weather doesn't bring out the best in us -- but I follow George Ure's web site and today he has a posting from the ALTA report from HalfPastHuman and their web bot's linguistic data about massive twin earthquakes occurring any time now. I have read the window to be December 10-12 or December 9-18 depending on where you read on the Net about projections. I have also read that odd colored water and suddenly low water levels are signs of impending earthquake. Don't know if that is true, but I have noticed our well has been having fluctuating water levels this last week, and yesterday while I was outside brushing the snow off my plastic covered garden boxes, I noticed a slight methane odor in the air, very unusual for this time of year, especially since the temperature has been so cold that the marshes are well frozen. Whether or not the web bots are right about the twin quakes happening, the Old Farmers Almanac information about earthquakes indicates that this full moon (on the 12th) combined with the tides is astronomically a highly likely time for an earthquake to occur. And FEMA has issue a catastrophic earthquake warning for the New Madrid fault area. There are differing possible locales being tossed about for these events. I guess all anybody can do is take the pictures off the wall and batten down the hatches -- which is what I'm doing.

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