Saturday, December 13, 2008

Fence Posts

Finally made it outside today and chopped down my first tree. I got three fence posts out of it and started a pile for the smaller branches for Ed and I to break up next summer and put in the kindling bin. As long as the temperature is not too cold, I will try to get out every day and cut posts. Once I get the hang of cutting down the trees, the job should not take too long and I should get more posts finished per day. I will need to get Ed out there to help me haul the posts up by the wood pile so I can load them into the truck fairly easily next Spring.

I was thinking about the duck house. I think I will cut 6' and 5' posts, space them 2' apart, and bury them 1' down into the ground, then use hammer staples to attach some 4' woven wire to them. I have a fair amount of top grade woven wire left over from when I put up the fence in the field. I'm sure it will be enough to go round for a duck house. I'll make a little door I can bolt shut at night, and buy some plywood for a roof. Hay bales will be a good insulator outside the wire. I'll lay 1/2" hardware cloth over the ground to prevent burrowing critters, and a good layer of wood shavings should make a nice bedding. Four nest boxes should be enough. I think a similar house will be good for a brooder house for the hens. I know New Hamps tend to go broody, and that is a trait I want since the price of day-old chicks is skyrocketing. I would sure welcome being able to hatch replacement stock.

We are still on earthquake watch here. Tom probably thinks I'm nuts as I've taken just about everything off the walls and secured them. Today is the first day in almost two weeks that I've seen any birds. The methane smell outside is stronger though, and I am still getting waves of dizziness and ear ringing. I do think we are still in for it.

Well, time to throw another log on the fire. Take care!

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