Friday, September 30, 2011

Taking a Walk

The weather lately has been cool and rainy, but I did manage to dodge rain drops the other day to walk around the woods and take some pictures.

I like the spots that let you peek through to see the big marsh.  There are several of them on the other side of the big marsh, but that will have to be a walk on another day.

Here's a nice critter condo.

This looks like a good spot to lay down wet hay and spread around some mushroom spawn.

These little maples aren't wasting any time claiming their place in the forest. 

Look at how these new maples sprout from this stump.

Here's a little basswood tree.  The tornado took out most of the big basswoods and I miss them.

This is a mature yellow birch left to be a seed tree.  Isn't the bark gorgeous?

There are still lots of bees buzzing in these forest flowers.

I don't know what this vine is, but it is thriving on the banks of the creek twisting happily amongst the dogwoods and blackberries.  The tree colors are pretty, too.  When I have more time I'll have to check out how the beaver dam is looking, but that's a longer walk.

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