Saturday, July 30, 2011

Pictures From the Forest Garden

After the rain stopped I thought I'd take a stroll in the forest garden.  To my surprise, something has chewed all of the leaves off of every single one of the red currant bushes.  They were looking so good, too!  The black currant bushes look a little wind swept, but they are not chewed up like the red currant bushes are.  I'll have to try and find out what got to them.

Titania Black Currant
I can't believe how big the Mugwort has grown:
The artemesia absinthe (Wormwood) is silvery and gorgeous.  I cut armfuls of it to dry and sell at the farmers market.

I spotted this happy bee in the hyssop:

Bee in hyssop
The valerian finally decided it liked where I put it:

Most of the other herbs look good, but some don't.  I think I will make a hydrogen peroxide bug spray and give everything a good wetting.  Here's the recipe:

Mix together
1 cup blackstrap  molasses
1 cup hydrogen peroxide
1 gallon water

This forest garden experiment sure gives me lots to think about!

Have a good evening!

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  1. I love your forest garden, we are growing wormwood and mugwort for the first time this year and the plants are coming along nicely.,,,it was nic eto see how yours look. We have also had issues with our currants being eaten by little green worms...but only the red currants and gooseberries have been plagued with them. Maybe you too have little green worms eating the leaves...of course deer like to eat currant bushes too.:)