Thursday, May 19, 2011

The Rush Is On

For getting the field ready, that is.  Today we took the new trailer over to our neighbor's house and picked up our first load of mink manure.  We will go every day except on Sunday to get a load to spread out on the field and on Tom's garden that is next to the farmhouse where Dad lives.  As soon as we get the first field section covered with manure, I'll take the BCS tractor and till everything in.  I hope to plant the first section  just after the new moon. 

Out in the field I checked the hops section and the hops are all alive and well.  I figure I can clean up that section in only one day and then we'll drop a couple of loads of manure around each plant.  The hard part will be digging in the poles.  I was a bit worried about the Brewers Gold and Zeus hops because they were the newest plantings, but they over-wintered just fine.  My sister is going to the upcoming Gorst Valley Hops conference.  That would be cool if she decided to grow hops, too.  

You should see how the beaver has chomped down the dogwoods around the creek.  I'll take some pictures next time I'm out to the field so you can see it.  I told Tom we'll have to take a walk down to the snowmobile bridge to see how big that beaver dam is getting.  With all the wood that has been chewed off, I wonder if there is only one beaver.

I am working on carting the pile of chicken manure from in front of the chicken coop and spreading it around the rhubarb, blackberries, wild roses, in the garden boxes, and the forest garden.  It's tiring work with just a wheelbarrow and shovel.  So far it looks like all the trees and shrubs are taking.  Only one Hudar pear tree (the one I had to dig up late and move last year before the loggers came) is iffy.  I gave everything a good drink of water last night so that may give that tree a bit of a boost.  I still have the cranberries to plant down by the marsh, and once I get them planted and mulched, I'll take some pictures as by then you should be able to see everything sprouting.  New trees and shrubs don't look like much, but I'm excited because I can picture how everything will look in a couple of years.

Speaking of pictures, I am still using the old computer which is slow as molasses and won't let me upload anything, so all pics will have to wait until the new computer gets fixed.  I called the repair company to find out what was going on and while they have received the go ahead from the warranty company, they are waiting on restore disks from Gateway, so it will be at least another week before I have the new computer back in working order.  Grrr!

The good news is that the greenhouse came today!  We will start building it tomorrow.  I can't wait to get it built.  The Fed Ex man who delivered it said that ours was the third greenhouse he'd delivered this year.  He said he's seen them built and that it will look nice.  I sure hope we don't have any trouble putting it up.

Had a weird dream the other night:  I dreamed there was a 10.2 magnitude earthquake in Antarctica of all places.  Never had a dream like that!

Well, that's it for now.  Take care and happy planting!

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