Thursday, March 17, 2011

Breathe Deep

World events have me doing a LOT of meditation and deep breathing.  Beyond that, I always seem to revert to my old stand-by activity when I get stressed -- cleaning.  So today I shoveled out the chicken coop, and I did feel better.  If I need to keep the chickens inside the coop for a day or so at a time, at least they'll have a clean coop.  I remember that after September 11th I started crocheting a table cloth that took me two years to finish.  People are saying, "What can we do?" and "You've go to prepare!"  Well, my take on preparation is just to do what you would normally do to take care of your family and then take one day at a time.  For crying out loud, please use common sense.  Past experience tells me that no matter how much you prepare, you are rarely really prepared.  It's like when someone who has been very ill for a long time dies, you know that person is going to pass on, and you think you are prepared to handle the reality of the death, but when it comes you are still shocked by the event.  All you can ever do at any time is your best.  Leave it at that.  If you are in a disaster and lose everything, remember that your most important tool is the gray matter that lies between your ears.  Have faith in your abilities and have a positive outlook that you will get through whatever you may be facing.  I have a personal reflection that is easy to visualize:  When Life kicks me in the gut and knocks me down, I get back up and get out of the way before I REALLY get stomped on.  Look at it this way, by living through these historic times you'll have lots of stories to bore younger generations with when you get old.

I have to tell you about cleaning out the chicken coop.  I was removing the north side vent wind blockers (empty feed bags) when two black eyes in a head poked out from a bag and stared at me.  I shrieked!  It turned out that a little grey squirrel made a nest in the bag and had spent the winter in the coop.  I yelled for our dog to get it but Egg Sucker was busy so I swung my broom  in vain while the critter ran around my feet before it vanished out the door.  Well, I'm just glad it wasn't a snake!

April 9th the County Ag Extension is offering a Woodland Owners Conference in Rib Lake.  Lara, my sister, Mary, and I are all going to go.  Lara and I are going to go to the classes on growing mushrooms and identifying local wildflowers, and in the afternoon we will go to the fruit tree grafting class.  I'll have to play that one impromptu what with Lara being blind.  Should be a fun day. 

Tom's birthday was a few days ago and we went to Little Bohemia in Manitowish Waters to celebrate.  It is a restaurant we've wanted to go to for years.  Little Bohemia is famous because the gangster John Dillinger had a shoot out there with the FBI.  There are still the broken windows and bullet holes in the walls, as well as a display case with items that the gangsters left in their rushed departure.  And the food -- OMG -- was great!  I had Old World Pork Shank withSauerkraut and Buttered Noodles.  I'm telling you, it was the best food I ever ate at a restaurant.  Lara loved her Fettucini Alfredo and we didn't even have to harp on Ed to eat his ribs.  It was a nice outing for us all.

Till next time!

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