Sunday, October 03, 2010


I spent some time this evening looking for weaving books and found some I liked here.  I can't wait to try weaving on my loom.  Right now I'm reading a book called Warping All By Yourself by Cay Garrett.  I like the book; it's easy to understand and the illustrations help alot.  

Cold weather always gets me thinking about crafting.  I got out my pile of handkerchiefs and hand hemmed two of them while I watched the pressure canners.  I really like the fabrics -- bought them from Hancocks of Paducah.  Hancocks has some really beautiful prints. 

Today when I was looking for weaving info, I came across a web site that sells refurbished sock knitting machines.  What an interesting antique tool!  (Tsk, tsk.  There is NO place in this house for me to put one LOL.)  I never saw anything like that before.  It really is a fascinating piece of machinery. 


  1. I know what you meant about cold weather and crafting. I'm enjoying handquilting my son's quilt on these cool nights. I hope you post some pictures of your weaving.

    Beth aka oneoldgoat

  2. I'm very excited for you about the weaving. The book that helped me the most was Deb Chandler's Learning to Weave. She offers several different options for warping by yourself and I really like the lesson format of the book. I'm basically self-taught, though I did take some classes. I confess I haven't touched my loom since we bought this place, but going to my weavers guild retreat really stirred up a desire to get back to it. Like you say, cooler weather is the prefect time to start planning.

  3. Thanks, Leigh. That's one of the books I bought! I bought another book called Tartan's Weaver's Guide, and one called Beginning Four Harness Weaving. Lots of reading to do.

    Hi, Beth! I love quilting but never do it, and I don't know why. I'll post my pics if you will yours LOL!