Tuesday, September 28, 2010

The Loggers Are Here

Hiring the loggers has been a very interesting experience.  We are very pleased with the workmanship and skill of the loggers we hired.  They have a good reputation for working with environmentally minded people, and we know from conversing with them that they appreciate the historic value of this farm and are trying their best to log an admittedly difficult area (due to our three wetlands) with the least impact.  We have discussed the matter with them considerably.   They started yesterday on our property utilizing prior landing areas and logging paths throughout the property.  What is extremely aggravating is the fact that someone is constantly complaining about the loggers.  The Sherrif's Police have been out here as well as the town Chairman, and both said they had received complaints about the loggers acting "illegally".  They would not, however, say who was making the complaint.  Well, they aren't acting illegally.   Isn't it interesting how cowards don't have the grit to complain face to face to the people they accuse of wrongdoing?  It's all right though.  I have a pretty good idea who it is doing the complaining.  There is only one person in this neighborhood who thinks he owns everything and can't mind his own business.  On the other hand, the complaints could have come from another logger.  Now, there's only one local logger I know that definitely wanted to log this property and said so.  If I find out that it was this logger, then for sure they will NEVER get any business from this farm.  I would also like to know by what authority the town Chairman acted under to investigate a private logging operation on private property without speaking to the property owner and asking permission to go on their property. 

The chickens are pretty funny about it all:  I had hoped to keep them locked in the coop until the area around it was logged, but the loggers finished the south 40 early and the chickens are all over the place.  I expect they will return to the coop after the machinery stops and the loggers quit for the day.  I have already given them fresh water, feed and a generous amount of scratch to soothe them.  They are watching the big machinery from the opposite end of the house from where the machinery is operating.  I expect their egg laying will be put off a bit, but I don't force my chickipoos when it comes laying eggs anyway.  I will shovel out the coop in a little while and give them plenty of fresh bedding, and they can stay inside the coop tomorrow for sure.  Even Sandy the Swamp Creek Dog is preferring to stay indoors today because of the noise. 

It's a gloomy grey day.

Tom is off to the doctor for a check up.  The kids and I will fix some cornbread and we will have leek and potato soup with salad and cornbread for supper. 

Talk to you soon!

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