Saturday, June 26, 2010

Growling and Snarling

I just had to pass this heartbreaking video on.  Words to describe the Gulf of Mexico disaster are simply inadequate to properly relate either the magnitude of the environmental catastrophe or the suffering of the people of the region.  And this is just the beginning.   I was born in Louisiana and have family down there. This disaster hits me in the gut.   All I can say is a quote from The Bible:  "The meek will inherit the Earth." 

And I absolutely believe that there will be a Reckoning.

My other bone to pick is with the thief/thieves who hacked the Jeff Rense program during his interview with Cliff High of Half Past Human.  I am a purchaser of Cliff's SOTTC (Shape Of Things To Come) reports.  I find them very helpful to me in a number of ways, and the science underlying Cliff's work altogether fascinates me.  (Lots of people think I'm an airhead anyway LOL.)   Purchasing his reports are one of the few "luxuries" I allow myself.   I guess what I'd like to say is that I believe that theft of Cliff's or any person's hard work is morally and ethically unacceptable behavior, and such a deed puts the bottom feeding perpetrators of the crime down in the poison sludge along with BP and their collaborators.  I'd say bad cess to the lot of you, but you are making your own karma bad enough as it is all by yourself/ves; I actually feel kind of sorry for you.  You will get what you deserve.

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