Thursday, July 02, 2009

More Precious Than Gold

This is the best seed saving video I've come across. If you don't already practice seed saving, please learn: it is a most useful skill and will quite possibly save you more than just money. Tomato and bean seeds are very good beginner seeds to save if you are just starting to try your hand at seed saving. This video illustrates what is called the "wet method" of seed saving and is the way you would save seeds that are encased in the flesh of its fruit or vegetable. (Beans use the "dry method", which is simply drying the seed on the bush or vine for as long as possible before harvesting.) Notice how Mr. Middleton involves the family in this seed saving project, and listen for why he saves these particular seeds -- it is an excellent reason and certainly one that any seed saver should consider when deciding on the seeds of which plants to save.

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