Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Farm to Fork Event

The Farm to Fork event at the Phillips Ag Extension Office Monday night was really a lot of fun. There were several organizations there, and we all were able to network and meet with potential purchasers of our products. I wore my farmers market outfit (blue denim jumper and old fashioned muslin apron) and manned the table representing our Farmers Market. I brought my 2009 Farm Book, some brochures, and magnets that I made for our farm to place together with the farmers market information. I made a little stand from poster board and taped some pictures of our market that I had taken over the last couple of years so people could see some of the vendors and how each vendor displayed their products. The pictures were well received. That little printer of our Soldier Girl Sarah's that she gave me really prints nice pictures. I put a good table cloth on the table and I anchored the picture display with a pair of resin chickens that I bought from the discount store. I thought the table looked really nice. I was pleasantly surprised that all but one of my brochures was taken. A grocery store couple told me that everything I grow they need. Another gentleman asked me if I would consider giving a presentation on seed saving (I stress seed saving to my customers because I specialize in growing heirloom varieties) and I told him I would consider it. Then, there were at least 4 new interested parties that wanted to come and sell their items at our farmers market. Great! And finally, there was a guy from DATCP there so I was able to finally get my questions answered about selling eggs and chickens from my farm. Whew! Now the only thing I have left to do is get my product liability insurance and I will do that after the new moon.

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