Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Kraut Question From Anonymous

Dear Anonymous: Only once have I had "foaming" and "fizzing", and that was because I used wet cabbage (cabbage that was too fresh and had a lot of water content) and the fermenting temperature was warmer than what is desirable (above 72F). Did you have a strong acrid smell? I would leave the batch and wait to see what it ultimately looks like after six weeks and you skim off the mold and top 2" of kraut. The kraut just may be "strong". Don't give up on it yet. If, after you check it out, half your container or more is slimy or gray in color and doesn't smell right, then dump it, clean and sanitize your container, and start over. Sometimes it just doesn't turn out. (Sorry I answered your question so late -- for some reason I just found it and could not reply to you directly or even post a comment underneath yours).

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