Saturday, September 06, 2008

Good Day at Farmers Market

The day started out chilly and damp, and the rain held off until after the Farmers Market ended. Lara had a good time at the market. I coached her through the prices of everything we had to sell, and a couple of times I walked away from the stand to let her handle the stall by herself. She did just fine! I was very proud of her. We had French Breakfast radishes, Pak Choy Chinese cabbage, Forellynschuss lettuce, sorrel, Red Cloud and Kennebec potatoes, Czech Tan, Shvlisi, and Samarkand garlic, Stutgarrt onions, and mixed heirloom tomatoes. We sold all of the greens and radishes, about 15 pounds of potatoes, and some garlic and onions. I was surprised the tomatoes didn't move, but that's ok -- we'll eat them in salads this week.

Some of my customers were looking for herbs, so next week I will be sure to cut some spearmint, parsley, basil, and sage. I do think there can be a good market for fresh herbs. I met some new customers today. They are in Phillips by way of Brazil! It is truly strange how people wind up in far-a-way places! I wish them well in their stay here in the Northwoods, and I hope someone tells them how to dress for our bitter winters!

After the market, we checked out the new St. Vincent DePaul Thrift store in Phillips. Boy, you should have seen the people in that place! Then we went to Pamida and I bought the stuff Sarah wanted me to send her and got the makings for trail mix. When we got home, Tom helped me mix up the trail mix. It made me happy that he helped me. Talk about a good mix: Cheerios, Wheat Thins, mini-grahams, mixed nuts, home-dried apricots, blueberries, cranberries, apples, bananas, and cherries, and a big canister of raisins, and little stick pretzels. We had so much we had to split the mix into two big bowls. I got out my vaccuum sealer and we used up the whole 11" bag roll making quart sized bags of trail mix. Tom is going to the store on Monday, and he will pick up another roll of bag form so we can seal up the rest of the mix (if it isn't eaten first!). Then I will box that up (hopefully I can fit it all in one APO box)and send it off to Sarah. HOAH! 783rd MP BN!

BTW, dried sour cherries are EXCELLENT. . . .

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