Wednesday, August 06, 2008


It was a lovely day today. I went out to the field and watered everything in the high tunnel. Most of the beet thinnings I transplanted didn't take, but there are a good number beets left. The tomatoes are starting to come in; I had one ripe one but the stupid dog stole it. When I checked the field, I was surprised to see how well the pumpkins are doing. There are flowers now. I don't think the pumpkins will have enough time to grow, but I really didn't expect the vines themselves to be as big as they are. The bean field is shot -- the deer have just decimated it. The onions, collards, and cabbages are hanging in there, and the rutabegas need to be thinned. Here and there you see something growing, like sweet fennel and a beet or two. With all the sickness in the family this year I was just not able to get enough water to everything.

Now the three new raised bed boxes are looking very good. Already the peas and beans, radishes, lettuce, carrots, sorrel, beets and pak choi are sprouting. After I go to the doctor on Friday I will stop at the hardware store and lumber store and get what I need to build covers for the beds. I may have to order the greenhouse plastic, but that will be ok. Farmtek is pretty quick with delivering items.

I took some pictures. My dad came and cut the rest of the hay for me -- that was a BIG help. It's too bad I don't have haying equipment. Then there are two pictures of inside the high tunnel. You can see the beets and lettuces, and the tomatoes. The Charentais melons are vining though I don't think they will have enough time to fruit. The Round Mauve eggplant are chewed up unfortunately, but I will still hope. The Perkins Long Pod okra is actually looking good even though there are no pods to pick. I can cut some more spearmint, and I am loaded with catnip. I think I will cut and dry that and make some catnip mice with some fabric from my sewing box and sell them.

Talk to you later!

Tomorrow there is nothing on the calendar so I should be able to spend most of the day in the field. I hope I can get a lot done. I need to get some oats for a cover crop.

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