Thursday, January 24, 2008

Farmers Market Bag Pattern

It is really frigid outside today so I've postponed my fence pole cutting project till the weather's more inviting. Instead, I decided to make my young neighbor who is expecting pretty soon a baby blanket gift. Well, as I was looking through my knitting stitch collection for a particular stitch, this year's garden came into my mind, and wouldn't you know it, along with the knitting stitch pattern I was looking for, I found the crochet pattern I created for a re-useable farmers market bag. And, before I search my yarn bin for some yarn to knit the baby's blanket, here is, for free, my crocheted Farmers Market Bag pattern for you. It is a simple, sturdy bag, and good for all sorts of carrying. I like it because it expands and you can put a whole lot of farmers market goodies in it. Feel free to use this pattern if you like; a note to where you found it is appreciated but not necessary.

Swamp Creek Farm's Farmers Market Bag

Size 6 crochet hook; Size 10 crochet thread

Row 1: Chain 300, join with slip stitch in 1st chain. Attach marker and carry up each row. Do not turn.

Row 2: Chain 3, double crochet in each chain around, join with slip stitch in top of chain 3.

Row 3: Repeat Row 2.

Row 4: Chain 9, wrap thread around hook 7 times, insert hook in top of next stitch and bring up loop; w/r/h and draw thread through 2 loops on hook 8 times. Repeat across row. Join.

Row 5: Repeat Row 2.

Row 6: Repeat Row 2.

Row 7: *Chain 10, skip next 4 stitches, sincle crochet in next stitch. Repeat from * around, join.

Row 8: Slip stitch in next 5 chain of chain loop; *chain 10 s/c in next chain loop.
Repeat from * around, join.

Repeat Row 8, 35 times or till bag is desired size.

Next Row (Gathering): Chain 1, *draw up a loop in each of next 5 chain loops holding loops on needle, wrap thread over hook and draw through all six loops on hook, chain 1. Repeat from * around, join.

Repeat gathering row twice more. Don't sweat it if you don't wind up with 5 chain loops to crochet together. Fold bag in half and crochet remaining bag loops together. Bind off.

Straps: (Make two)

Row 1: Chain 11. Double crochet in 4th chain from hook; D/C in each chain; chain 3, turn.

Row 2: Double crochet in each stitch across for 30" (or desired length if you are a "shorty"). Bind off.

Finishing: Weave each strap through slits created in Row 3. Sew ends of each strap together. You should be able to open and close the bag as you would a drawstring bag.

Recommended care: Using size 10 bedspread cotton, machine or handwash cold, dry flat.

(If this pattern seems backward, maybe it is -- I'm left-handed).

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  1. This looks like a fun project! Thanks for sharing. :-)