Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Who is the Laugh On?

What a day -- I'm beat. Spent most of the day in the field working on the fence. I stole a tree back from the beaver (he's back and had already dragged one of the trees he hewed off) and I dragged it down to the North end of the field where the corner post was down and put it up as the new corner post. I am not very good at working with wire and it took me FOREVER to reattach the woven wire bottom section and three of the smooth wires. If the weather is good tomorrow I'll take the ladder out with me and do the top wires. I'll use what's left of the old post for a brace. I'm not going to tighten anything until after I get the road side fence line moved out of the new utility easement. I see the utility people have a trench dug and that will make it easier for me to see where the fence line should go. I don't think the move will be that bad. I hope it doesn't take me too long to do -- I'll have to try and snatch another tree from the beaver for the other fence post I need! He cuts fence posts just the right size!

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