Thursday, July 28, 2011

Of Politics and Limericks

When I checked my email this morning and some of my favorite blogs, I found a great video on Jude Cowell's blog Stars Over Washington.  The video is from Russia Today tv and shows how Republican President Eisenhower and Democrat President Harry Truman lowered America's debt AND grew the economy at the same time.  It's a great video and I just had to pass it on. (I want to note that in the video Thom Hartmann misnames Mark Kirk and calls him Ron Kirk.  The reason I caught that was because my family went to the Drs. Kirk -- Mark's dad and then his brother -- for close to 40 years for our eye care.  Once I poked myself in the eye with a screwdriver while messing around with my bike while my parents weren't at home, and I walked over to the Kirk's house where old Dr. Kirk was out mowing his lawn.  He checked out my eye, gave me some salve and sent me home with the admonition to leave the screw driver alone. There's a nice old neighborhood doctor story for you!)  Anyway, I wish our politicians were as competent as old Dr. Kirk was at handling problems.

On another front, the fight in Wisconsin continues.  We have won the first recall election and there are two more coming up in August.  Then the big recall effort starts in January.  I made up this little ditty the other day thinking about this:

In Wisconsin was once a fast talker
Power and Fame he did stalk fer
People's rights he did diss
So the People he pissed
And that was the end of Scott Walker!

Lara thought it was pretty good.  Oh, well.  A poet I am not.

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  1. That's a pretty good limerick, love it. LOL