Saturday, July 30, 2011

Greenhouse Raising

Amen and Hallelujah, Brother!   There's finally been a greenhouse raising here.  I am SO happy!

We had a great crew:  my sister, Mary, and her son, John; my sister, Anna, and her husband, John; Anna's daughter, Angie, and her husband, Todd; my Dad; and Tom and me.  I was terrified putting that roof on would be a nightmare, but the whole task took only minutes with all of the helping hands.  My nephew, John, took a picture of all of us and says he will send me a copy of the photo to put up here.  Angie says that now Todd wants a greenhouse LOL. Tomorrow Tom says he'll put in the door, and then we'll decide on what type of rock mulch to put down on the inside and around the perimeter.

To thank everybody I fixed a huge pot of chili, lots of cornbread, and a big apple crisp.  Todd and Angie brought their new baby, Parker, for us to see; and John and Anna brought another daughter's (Darcy) children, Hannah and Cole.  They are rather shy kids but gladly they seem to relaxing a bit more -- must be getting used to coming here.  Hannah likes my piano and Cole likes our dog, Sandy.
Parker is a little peanut and looks just like his Daddy.  What a precious baby.  Aren't they all though?  Todd said this was like an old fashioned barn raising (hmmmm, a barn, hmmmmm) and I heartily agreed.

It was a fun day.  The weather held until about 2:00 p.m. when everybody left to go back to John and Anna's farm before the rain started.  This weekend is Butternut's town festival, Pioneer Days, and the kids wanted to go and have some fun there.  Thanks to all!

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