Friday, May 13, 2011

Taking a Break

Well, we didn't get zapped during the recent Mercury retrograde, but we got hit in the retrograde shadow.  I left my keys in the truck and drained the battery down to zip.  Then the toaster died.  Next, the hard drive in the new computer blasted me with the blue screen of death (I'm struggling on here by using the old computer that I fortunately kept because it runs all of my old Windows 95 and 98 software that will not run on 64-bit Windows 7).  And lastly, a high wind storm came out of nowhere and knocked the power out for long enough to make my life miserable dealing with family members that freak out from electricity withdrawal. Whew!

I've been hard at work planting. I planted the three Haralson apple trees, one Chestnut Crabapple, one each of Toka, Waneta, and Superior grafted plum trees, one Summercrisp and two Hudar pear trees, two Honeycrisp and the little Antonovka apple trees, all of the black and red currants that overwintered in the garden boxes, 12 Latham raspberries, and three each of Adams and Johns elderberries. The cranberries I want to put down by the marsh came in the mail yesterday.  I was able to plant some Bulls Blood beets, Paris Island Cos lettuce, St. Valery carrots, and French Breakfast radishes in one garden box that I covered right away with Agribon.  I still have all of the herbs and orchard trees in the field to move.  Well, I love the exercise, and I remind myself that the more focused I am on the goals I want to accomplish, the faster they will be achieved!

I am trying to get the fence put up around the new forest garden before the deer find it.  I have started a zig-zag or worm fence that is about a foot tall already along the road side of the garden.  (I want to make it six feet tall).  Along the back side I'm putting in the old wire fence that I had to take down last year before the loggers came.  The tough part there is digging the holes for the posts because the ground is gravelly.  The driveway and house sides of the garden will continue the zig-zag fence.  I think it will look pretty nice when it is finished. 

The foxes are still wreaking havoc.  I'm down to 14 chickens including Lara's rooster, Jamie Oliver.  (I call him Fortunate One.) With all of the rebuilding and repair work I'm doing, I don't know if I'll order any chickens this year.

As soon as I can I'll post some pictures for you all. 

Be well, and be safe!

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