Saturday, June 26, 2010

Feeling the Transformation

According to my astrological solar return chart, this year has a majority of my planets in "cadent houses", which means, in short (at least according to my way of thinking), a year that sucks.  I am a Scorpio with an Aries Ascendant and Aquarius Moon -- think forward motion, right now.   I don't deal very well with the flux cadent houses present.  This is a very difficult year for me.  I am trying my best to be open minded and flexible, but I can't seem to escape the irascible and overly emotional feelings I have about most everything.  I want to move forward on projects, but Universe keeps knocking me back two steps for every forward one I take.  I feel like a lemon being scraped on a rasp.  I am being skinned, and I wonder what will remain after the process. 

Anyway, lots of things are changing, and although I hate the ups and downs of it, I do think that the changes are ultimately good.  My little voice keeps telling me not to worry and to just batten down the hatches.  I keep thinking of the line in the movie Contact where Mr. Haddon asks Ellie, "Wanna take a ride?"  Hmmmm. 

I deleted my Facebook account.  I removed the farm from the web site.  I closed the Yahoo farm web site and gave up our domaine.  I dissolved the farm as a formal business with the State and closed the business e-mail account.  I will close the Windows Live site if I can remember how to get to it.  (I set it up and then promptly forgot about it.)    I will continue to sell from our farm and at the Phillips Farmers Market when I have enough produce to make the trip worth the gas expense.  This blog will be our only window to the world at large, and if you want to contact me, you can do so either through a blog comment, or you can email me at (Spammers and creeps will be promptly ju-ju'd.)  My plan, if you want to call it that,  is to do the best I can to take care of my family, help my neighbors and friends, and to simply survive.   If that makes me a nut case, well, forgetaboutit

Besides listening to my meditation music to help me gain some equipoise, I've been working out in the garden.  I love my garden!  Got the potatoes hilled and the corn and winter squashes hoed. The hops are growing like crazy, and most of what I planted seems to be coming up.   Alot of the squashes didn't germinate:  Baby Blue Hubbard and Delicata were the poorest.  Unfortunately, it is too late here to replant winter squashes because of our short growing season, but there are a good number of New England pie pumpkins that are coming up, and hopefully I can keep the varmints off of them to harvest some of those. 

We've been getting a lot of rain and the plants don't care for it.  I tell you, it's either drought or deluge.  With the last big rain I heard on the NOAA radio that one of the dams near Phillips  was at capacity and people below the dam needed to be ready to move to high ground.  Our creek is high and so is Deer Creek.  It wouldn't take much more to flood over the road.  I haven't driven down FF toward Mercer to see what the water levels that way are like, but I'd bet the water is pretty high around the low points on the road and at Lake of the Falls.  Even with all this rain, it will take a lot more of it to recharge the water table from the past years of drought. 

Well, that's enough prattling for today.  Take care!

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