Wednesday, March 03, 2010


There are lots of people who make their living by analyzing this or that set of data, and since I consider myself a dabbler in an eclectic spectrum of subjects, I've noticed an interesting link between people who talk about Peak Oil issues and Astrology -- two subjects I would not have previously thought compatible.   The Peak Oil blogs I've read tend to be rather dismal and depressing while many of the astrology blogs I read actually avoid the issues of social and economic collapse entirely (which avoidance I find rather interesting, too).  But at the same time, the two subjects describe very similar future scenarios.   Anyway, I came across an unusual astrology blog that I think is very good, though I must say I do object to the author's constant villifying of Baby Boomers.  (Under his definition for Baby Boomers, I apparently fall into the nebulous  "Generation Jones" category having been born late in 1954, but whether that makes me a burgeois Boomer or an early Gen X-er, I don't know, and according to Dolores Cannon, we mid to late '50s born fall into a category she calls "The Wayshowers", a category that I have to say describes me perfectly).

 In any event, the Global Astrology blog is excellent in its analysis of the coming Cardinal Climax of this summer, and his predictions for global social events from now and on through this new decade are quite thought provoking and certainly geared to motivating the reader into action.  Check it out:

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