Tuesday, March 02, 2010

It's That Time of Year Again

It's maple syrup time!   I tapped about 24 trees all around the house and sap started running right away from most of them.  I timed the tree tapping perfectly this year.  Breaking paths through the snow to all the trees was tiring but I managed not to fall, and my feet didn't get cold or wet in my Muck boots.  This year I tapped three big old maples on the berm at the front of our drive.  They are so big I could have put in two taps, but I don't believe in bleeding out the trees and only put one tap in each of them.  Since I am trying to do everything here on the farm as simply and low cost as possible, I use recycled ice cream buckets for sap pails.  They work just fine.

Needless to say the chickens were very interested in what I was doing -- even if they don't like the snow.

They sure like the warmer temps -- today it got up in the low 40s.

Well, I'm kind of beat.  Talk to you later!

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