Saturday, March 27, 2010

Easter Eggs and Blessings

Here's a HUGE thank you to the First Congregational Church of Christ who bought some of our eggs for their Youth Group Easter project.   I'm glad the eggs dyed well for you and I sincerely wish you a most blessed Easter.  The hens here at Swamp Creek Farm send you a Halleluja cackle!

Today we celebrated Dad's 80th birthday (it's actually tomorrow).   We had a nice dinner with Dad and two of my sisters.  It was too bad the whole family couldn't have been here, but Dad still isn't very strong so it was probably a good thing there was only a few of us.  Ed enjoyed helping him blow out his birthday cake candles, and in our grace before meal prayer, we thanked God for giving us such a good father. 

Happy Birthday, Dad!

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