Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Having Fun

Today Tom and I made pierogis.  Yum!  We always make them together because they are so much work.  We made enough for supper and then froze two bags.  We only made cheese pierogis because they are Tom's favorite.  It took two pounds of ricotta cheese filling and three batches of dough. 

You make the filling:  2 eggs per pound of ricotta cheese; pinch of salt; and a tablespoon of sugar

Then make the dough:  3 cups of flour; a good pinch of salt; three eggs beaten with 1/2 - 3/4 cup cold water; all ingredients mixed well.  Dough should be on the stiff side.  Divide dough into three pieces and knead each piece till smooth.  It helps to let the dough rest about 10 minutes before rolling it out and cutting.

Fill the circles and seal.  You don't have to have a pierogi form, but it does make the work go faster.

Drop the pierogis into boiling water.  When they float to the top they are done; takes about 3-5 minutes.  Drain well and let cool before packing into freezer bags and freezing.  We browned the ones we had for supper tonight in butter and ate them with venison sausage and sauerkraut.  It was a great meal on a cold day!

Here's a picture of my spinning wool and Turkish spindle.  I just love it.

Stay safe and warm, Everybody, and have a wonderful New Year.  Tomorrow I'll be working on next year's garden plan and watching the Three Stooges while sipping a glass of wine . . . .


  1. I just may have to try your pierogie recipe today - we've been invited to friends' house tonight.
    I just love looking at the pile of seed catalogs I've received and making my garden plans!
    Hope you had a great New Year's day!
    Beth aka oneoldgoat

  2. Hi, Beth: Happy New Year to you, too! We had a nice day. My Dad and sister came by for dinner, and later we just took it easy. (I did place two seed orders -- I couldn't resist!)

  3. BTW, I used your directions for making sauerkraut (it is how I found your blog) and I want to pass along the rave reviews from my family who are pretty 'hardcore' sauerkraut eaters! I gave sauerkraut as gifts too!

    Thanks again for sharing your knowledge -

    Beth aka oneoldgoat