Wednesday, December 02, 2009


I just can't believe it's December already.  I must be the queen of missing time because hardly anything seemed to get done this year.  Still, small accomplishments do build up (like soil) and eventually the bigger picture becomes visible, so I will just have to wait a while to see the results of my efforts!  Astrologically, this coming year is another year where most of my planets reside in cadent houses, and that means another year of basically educating myself, working on my infrastructure, and preparing for more active times in 2011 when my current efforts will be tested for soundness.   Challenges I can deal with (I have Aries rising and a Scorpio sun); it's the detailed prep work that frustrates me (Aquarius moon). 

Tom went to town and bought a Christmas tree.  (We have all kinds of trees in our woods and he had to go and buy one!)  But I have to admit it is gorgeous.  Eddy and I put it up this afternoon.  Isn't it pretty?  In the early '90s I collected Hallmark ornaments and I love hanging my Folk Art Angel and Santa, my silver Victorian ornaments, and my Star Trek Enterprise NCC-1701.  Christmas tree ornaments tend to accumulate meaning as the years pass:  the ornaments the children made at school in certain years; this one came from so and so; what happened in life the year this ornament came to you -- that sort of thing.  And, of course, ornaments get broken and glued or parts are lost forever, but you still still hang them up because they are your ornaments.  It always takes me a long time to decorate the tree because of all my side trips down memory lane. 

We've finally gotten a little bit of snow here.  Certainly not enough for any snowmobiling (the trails opened today) and that doesn't bode well for the businesses that cater to the snowmobiling crowd.  Also not doing well are the businesses that cater to hunters because the hunting is almost non-existent -- there's hardly a deer to be found.  Tom has caught a few on his deer cam but always at like 2 a.m., and he's seen buck sign, but when you go outside, there's no rifle sound and the woods are still.   Here's a shot of the moon from last night; maybe because it is almost full, it will give the hunters some luck.

Well, for those of you who follow the good folks at Half Past Human, here's a heads up that the latest issue of The Shape of Things to Come will be coming out December 6 (by the way that happens to be the Feast of St. Nicholas -- Little Christmas as my family calls it).  You can reach HPH from this blog through the link I have posted on the right hand side of this page under my Favorite Web Sites and Useful Information section. 

Tomorrow is Special Olympics again.  Lara's paperwork finally came back so she is officially an athlete now.  She was happy when I told her that.

Well, it's getting late.  Take care and Be Good -- we don't want to deserve any coal in our Christmas stockings now!

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