Friday, November 20, 2009

Winding Down

Still plugging along here.  I should have been outside more the past couple of days, but I just wasn't up to it.  I'm steering into winter mode and spent time with my books down in the basement.  I found my favorite crochet lace bookmark pattern from a 1990 issue of Annie's Attic and sat down and made a bookmark.  Then I perused my copy of Herb Mixtures & Spicy Blends by Maggie Oster that filled me with all sorts of warm ideas.  I'm looking forward to getting out my craft supplies and building up my craft inventory for selling at the farmers market next year.  I am really going to try to be more focused and business minded.  I recognize that this is my problem -- I'm an artist at heart, not a business person.  It's really difficult for me to deal with the numbers, but I am certain I can learn.

Today I worked at picking up more brush on the east side of the front yard and started building a brush fence -- another idea from one of my fence books.  Should look pretty good when it's a bit higher.  Then I helped Tom with the bathroom toilet.  We've been having a horrible time with the main floor toilet acting like it's plugged up, so Tom went to the hardware store and bought a new wax ring, and we took the toilet off the pipe and checked out the situation.  Thankfully, it was just a bad mineral build up that was quickly corrected.  (I was glad I decided not to wash the bathroom floor yesterday.)  After the toilet was re-installed, I bleached down the whole bathroom; that's one less thing to do before Thanksgiving.

I finally pulled my seven pound bag of cranberries out of the freezer, made cranberry sauce and canned it.  This year I ran the berries through the food mill to screen out the skins and fed them to the chickens.  They really liked them.  I kept one jar in the fridge -- I love homemade cranberry sauce. 

My young cousin, Ivan, stopped by tonight for a visit.  He is staying by Dad and plans to go hunting tomorrow.  Tom is going to go out, too.  It's too bad there aren't many deer.  Tom was lucky to get the little buck he did get, but I would sure like some more meat in the freezer.  We've hardly seen any deer this year.

Wednesday we missed Special Olympics as Lara, Ed and I went to the dentist.  Thankfully everyone had good checkups.  On the way home as we were driving by the field, I noticed that there were several trees down at the north end of the field.  Tom went out after supper to check it out and came back saying that the beaver is back in business.  Well, beavers have to eat, too.  I will hate trapping him if we start getting flooded; I'm rather fond of that persistent critter.

For Thanksgiving dinner we are going to go by Dad.  My sister, Mary, and her crew (whoever makes it back home, that is) is coming, too.  That will be alot of fun.  I will bring candied sweet potatoes, cornbread stuffing -- just a little as Tom and most everybody else likes regular bread stuffing -- deviled eggs, cranberry sauce, and maybe a pie or two. Tom is going to make dinner roll dough in the bread machine.  Dad likes to make the turkey, and he usually bakes a pumpkin pie that he gets from the Schwan's truck.  Mary is going to bring a load of food, too, and I am sure everyone will be happy.  Times like these remind people of the importance of family.  Did you notice how each of us is contributing to the dinner?  A family feast doesn't have to break the bank when people work together. 

Well, it's getting late so I'll leave off for now.

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