Sunday, November 08, 2009

Tidbits and Dumplings vs. Mashed Potatoes

Well, I'm really getting frustrated with not being able to fix my Followers widget here on the blog.  I did try to use Google Connect, but that showed up as a blank, too, and so I deleted it.  I am not too keen on Facebook take-offs anyway, especially as I really don't like Facebook.  I have a Facebook account but just can't seem to get into the "social networking".  Maybe I'm more of a hermit than I think I am.  I am glad I was able to upload and embed the bowling ramp video though.

I've been working hard to finish raking up the leaves and picking up brush in the "fire safe zone" around the house while the weather holds.  Indian Summer kicked in today with temps in the 50's F.  I didn't even need a sweater to work outside.  I almost got to where I could work on the garden boxes in back of the house, but Tom decided he wanted to go to the American Legion fund raising dinner so I had to put off the garden boxes till tomorrow.  I sure hope I can finish all the field work.

The dinner was GREAT.  There was a steady stream of people either coming in to eat or taking out orders.  There was sauerkraut, dumplings, gravy, pork tenderloin, biscuits, and choice of chocolate brownie or pumpkin tort for dessert -- all served family style and all you could eat.  You should have seen the kids chow down.  I was flabbergasted at Lara, and even Ed didn't need much prodding.  What was even better though was that Tom had gone to the Legion Hall yesterday and made the dumplings with a bunch of the guys.  It was a nice outing.  This dinner was the Hall's biggest fund raiser event for the year.  The Hall doesn't have a handicap entrance, but we were able to get Lara's wheelchair down into the basement eating area ok as it was only about three steps.  The competition between the Butternut and Park Falls Legion Halls was funny, as well:  Each Hall placed an ad in the newspaper right next to each other.  Butternut bragged that they were "all you could eat" and had "dumplings", while Park Falls served "plates" and "mashed potatoes".  The argument was that you can eat mashed potatoes any day, but dumplings were "special"! LOL.

Have you seen the documentary, Food, Inc., that just came out on DVD?  It was good; I actually thought it would have more bite to it, but it is worth watching, if you get a chance to see it. 

Be safe!

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