Thursday, July 02, 2009

Something New

I've been hoeing weeds and hilling potatoes for the last couple of days, and I'm beat. I was also distressed to notice that my husband's potatotes, which were planted after I planted mine, are twice the size of my potatoes. It bothered me because I planted my potatoes this year in a section that I have had in continuous green manure crops for the last two years and spread with composted poultry bedding last Fall, and I expected growth to be much better than it is (despite this cold weather). My husband does not garden organically (that's also why his gardens are well away from mine). He uses commercial fertilizer and pesticides. I am wondering why my organic plantings are smaller than his. I certainly put more labor into my garden. I can only think the reason lies in the soil. Soooooo, I started surfing the Internet and came across a fascinating subject: mycelium.

I think that by continuing to increase my earthworm population and add to the mycelium already in the soil that my plant growth and health will exceed that of my husband's garden -- and in short order, too. I have to admit I have never thought about mycelium and fungi, let alone considered their importance in the world. I was totally blown away by Mr. Stamet's persuasive argument for the use of fungi and mycelium to repair our global ecosystems and pioneer new technologies.

This is real food for thought, People.

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