Saturday, July 11, 2009

Best Friends Forever

Lara is turning 26 on her birthday and she had a GREAT surprise this weekend when her best friend, Carrie MacFarlane, came to visit along with her parents, Pat and Mel. Lara was SO surprised! At first, she didn't believe that Carrie was really there.

Yesterday, we all went for a long walk out to the field and back. We wanted to go down the snowmobile trail to the bridge, but there is a she bear out here with two cubs, and we didn't want to chance running into Mama Bear.

Lara and Carrie went to see Lorie at the beauty shop (Lori's Nook) in Butternut for a treat. Carrie got her hair cut and looks like a movie star, and Lara got a manicure with pretty pink nail polish. We all had a really great time!

Then we went back to the farm and had a bar-b-que. Everybody was stuffed! There was bratwurst, hot dogs, cole slaw and potato salad, strawberry pie instead of birthday cake, and diabetic New York Style Cheesecake for those who have to watch their sugar. It was a lovely day.

Carrie likes the chickens. She is a great helper with them. She is not afraid of them and let them out of the coop while she visited here. She likes to feed them corn:

I think we will make Carrie an honorary Swamp Creek Farmer! We will miss her and Pat and Mel when they go back home today. We hope they have a safe trip home and will come again!

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