Friday, April 03, 2009

Damp and Chilly

Hi, Everybody! I'm still working on getting the chicken fence up. :( But I did get most of the posts in -- maybe 4 or 5 more to go, and there are two old posts I want to replace. Tom says it is supposed to be warmer and sunny tomorrow so hopefully I'll get the rest of the posts in and can put up the wire.

The new feeder looks good. It is heavier than I thought it would be so I'm glad I made it a bit smaller than the plans. I bought two 5 gallon waterers and I'll put one in the coop. I built a little stand for it to keep it up out of the litter. I want to make another little stand to put the grit and oyster shell pans on. Still need to make the two nest boxes, but I won't need them till the hens start laying.

Tom and Ed went to Minocqua today. He is looking to get one of those 42" HDTVs now -- especially since the Chicago Bears got Jay Cutler!

I'm hoping to take some pictures tomorrow. I'll work on the chicken fence and Tom will boil down maple sap. I want to show you my latest "sugaring rig" and the "updated" chicken coop. The sugaring rig is still a temporary one because eventually I want to have a regular shed to keep out the weather and a good stove and large evaporator pans so the sugaring doesn't take so long. I haven't decided where I want to put a permanent sugar house.

Well, my arthritis is bothering me so I think I'll fix a cup of tea and read the paper!

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