Thursday, July 31, 2008

Big Bear and Planting

I must say that Swamp Creek Farm is the place to find all sorts of critters! Last night, Tom went to let our yellow Lab dog, Sandy, out. She took off like a shot after something, then, in like 5 seconds later, she was back on the front stoop, hair all raised on her back with her nose in the air and looking at something. Tom was trying to see what Sandy was looking at, so I got up and looked out the window. Lo and behold there was a BIG black bear out by my berries and it was coming toward the house right at the dog. I yelled at Tom to let Sandy in and lock the door, and we watched the bear go right through the front yard and down the slope into the marsh. Come to think of it, that ridge by the marsh is just where the moose was a couple of weeks ago. That bear was big! I haven't checked on how my berries fared yet, but tomorrow I will do so.

Today I got up early and scrubbed the floors and dusted. Then, I took care of Lara and Ed. By the time they were all squared away, it was 1:00 p.m. So, I went down into the basement to go through my seeds and decided to plant the new garden boxes. I planted French Breakfast radishes, Early White Vienna kohlrabi, Lisbon Bunching Onions, Provider green beans, English Arrow peas, Scarlet Nantes carrots, Chinese Pak Choy, Broad Leaved Sorrel, Forellenschuss lettuce, and Detroit Red Beets. If everything goes well, I will have the boxes covered before the first hard frost and should start harvesting by the end of September. In October, I will plant hardy crop seeds that will slowly grow and get off to an early spring start -- we'll see if that indeed works like Eliot Coleman says. I am really excited about these garden boxes; I am SO happy to have the water nearby to water them.

I did NOT go near the chicken coop today!

Tomorrow it's out to the field to water everything in the high tunnel and check on the crops in the field. It has been three days since I was out there. I think I will harvest the garlic and bring it to the garage to cure, and I am sure I will need to spray the collards and cabbages with Neem. Hmmm, sounds like another busy day!

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