Thursday, May 29, 2008

Another Busy Day

Today I got a good early start -- up as soon as it was light. I did the laundry and hanged it all outside. It wasn't even 40F but I knew it would warm up. Took care of Lara, made coffee, planted more tomato seeds (I only planted Rutgers, Mortgage Lifter, and Chadwick Cherry; I'll save the rest of my good heirloom seeds for next year). By the time I was finished with the seeding, it was time to take care of Lara again. When that was done, I had about an hour before I had to roust Eddy out of bed so I went out to the compost area and started tearing the bin down again. The whole area is looking bigger and better. The compost is being turned and sifted. I am putting it in a long pile next to the driveway. The wood from the bin is being put in a big pile -- the longer, not rotten pieces will be used as fence posts, and the rest will be added to my "rustic" boundary fences. (When I'm done with the job I'll take a pic and post it for you). Worked for an hour, got Ed up, gave him breakfast and his (and Lara's) afternoon meds. Worked outside for another hour, then came back in to cath Lara. Then it was back outside till 2:30 p.m. when Tom left for his treatment. Brought in the laundry and put it all away, then started supper. Tom had mixed a nice meatloaf so all I had to do was stick it in the oven and make the rest of the meal (mashed spuds w/gravy and broccoli). It was good! I hope Tom feels well enough to put the new filter in the BCS so I can turn over the field and get the rest of my garden planted.

I took a good look at the little herb garden I planted last year by the propane tank and was really pleasantly surprised to see how many herbs made it through the winter. I have Apple and Chocolate mint, Lady's Mantle, French Tarragon, Greek Oregano, Thyme, Pulsatilla, Garden Sage, Aconite, Cinquefoil, Pasture Gooseberries, Rudbeckia, Echinacea, Wormwood, Tansy, and Yarrow. The Goat's Beard looks great underneath the trees, but the Eupatorium (Joe Pye Weed/Gravel Root)looks dead. I do remember that in Illinois my Joe Pye Weed was slow to come up in the spring, so I will give it some time. I see that the wild Trilliums are blooming so tomorrow I will bring my Goldenseal out of the basement and put it in the ground by them. I think I will add the Blood Root seed; I know that Blood Root is terribly slow to germinate so I will see how it does next year. Maybe I'll look for some roots instead of trying seed. Anyway, there are only two more days this month for planting above the ground crops so I'll dig around for more herb seeds and see what I can plant. I may not have any tomatoes for market this year, but it looks like I will have some fresh herbs for sale!

BTW, do you think these may be pics of earthquake clouds? I took them Tuesday afternoon while out in the field.

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