Thursday, June 14, 2007

The Heat is On

The temperature today is around 85-90F and the flies are merciless. I got up early and raked some of the hay Tom cut yesterday for mulch that I put around the tomatoes, cukes, summer and winter squash and watermelons after I watered them. I came home, took care of Lara and refilled the water barrels. Then, I went with Tom to his garden by Dad's and helped him plant his squashes. By the time that was done, it was time to take care of Lara again. After I did that, I went back out to the field and watered the tree orchard and rhubarb, the hazelnut trees and the juneberry trees. Two of the apple tree cages had been blown down by the wind and I set them back up. I pulled the Persian Star garlic and will set it out to cure. Now, Tom is back at Dad's hilling his potatoes, so after supper, I will refill the water cans and go back out to the field, finish watering the plums and elderberries, and water everything in the high tunnel. If I have enough time, I'll rake up some more hay as I really want to have a lot of mulch around everything. Maybe I'll get the beans in the ground tomorrow. It's so hot I'm wondering if I should just till under the peas and try for a fall crop instead. I'll wait a bit on that. I think the county will be starting the road construction soon as the utility guys have marked everything and the survey team was back today. The potatoes need to be hilled already; I think I'll leave that for tomorrow. Whew!

I finally finished the roll of film that was in the camera and took it in to be developed so I hope to have some new pics for you soon.

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