Friday, June 08, 2007

Beautiful Day

It was windy and very cool today but the sun was shining. What a difference a day makes! I was very thankful the bad storms pretty much passed us up. We just had bad wind. At least we got a little rain out of it and no trees down. The high tunnel held up well.

Today, I took Ed with me out to the field. We brought the rest of the seedlings from the basement and put them in the high tunnel to finish out to transplant size and harden off. I plan to plant the pole beans next week. Ed and I put some grass mulch around the lettuce, onions, dill and beets. We stood up the pole bean tepees that were knocked down by the wind. Then we removed the Agri-bon cover from cabbages and other cool weather crops. I let Ed water the rows. I think he likes being outside. It's going to be very cool tonight, but I figure these cool weather crops can take it. I notice we didn't have very good germination on the beets, and the onions don't look very thick either. This year the dill really sprouted though. The potatoes are really looking good! I weeded around them and will have to hill them pretty soon already. The corn and sunflowers don't look too happy with this cool weather, but if they conk out on me I will try replanting. The pumpkins in the high tunnel are begging to go in the ground. So are the tomatoes and cucumbers! I was going to put the basil outside with the tomatoes, but I think it likes it in the high tunnel.

The apple trees and the perennial bed look good. I need to do some more hoeing there, too. I think I will spray everything there with Neem Oil. Speaking of sprayers, my sprayer doesn't work right and I will need to get another. I'll see if I can get a couple of them so I can label them for specific purposes, like one for Deer Off, one for Neem Oil, one for Neptune's Harvest, etc. I am imaging "storage shed".

Tom planted quite a bit today in this garden out in front of the house. He checked his garden over by Dad, but his corn isn't up yet. His potatoes look good, too.

I got the book I've been wanting: Genetic Roulette by Jeff Smith. Holy Cow! I got about 1/3 of the way through it and thought I was going to throw up. Honestly, I REALLY felt ill. Everybody needs to read that book. You will not want to buy anything from the grocery store unless it is certified organic and you will look for local producers to buy from. This is a book that will definitely give you nightmares.

I bought some music to play at the Farmers Market to attract customers: Hank Williams, The Carter Family 1927-1934, and Patsy Cline. I am not a Country Western music person, but the old time music fits my marketing style. If I had my druthers, I'd play old Blues, but I don't think the customers care for Blues very much. I thought about buying some polka music, but I've seen people start dancing at farmers markets with polka music, and I want them to buy from me, not dance in front of me!

I finished a roll of film today so hopefully it will turn out and I will have some really nice pics to share with you soon.

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