Saturday, July 21, 2012


I ruminated for some time about writing this blog entry.  Part of me said not to do it because people will think I am crazier than even originally thought, but the other part of me said to go ahead because anything I write cannot be crazier than current events portrayed in news venues.  So, I am going to tell you about my two latest really weird, "true" dreams. You know, the kind of dreams that are "different" from "normal" dreams. The "real" dreams.

Now those of you who have followed this blog for a while know that my family has always been "big" on dream messaging.  Unlike the abhorrent transhumanists that are everywhere you look in today's media, I prefer to uphold the spiritual side of humanity -- The Way of the Heart.  I do believe in the power of dreams to educate, warn, and otherwise help people. 

In the first dream, I dreamed I was standing in the woods.  Of all things, a tree spirit was talking to me!  I was so excited to actually be in the presence of such a being that I had difficulty attending to what it was trying to tell me.  I never really believed such spirits existed.  I always thought the Ents in Tolkien's trilogy were mere fancy.  But not now.  Of course, this creature did not look at all like the Ent in the movies.  This tall spirit was surrounded by a luminescent, bright green light.    Within the light I could perceive a thin figure moving, but I could not quite discern it.  It was very friendly toward me and actually seemed eager to teach me.  I was almost beside myself with excitement.  The incredible antiquity imparted to me was mind boggling.  It possessed awesome but restrained power.  It was the owner of ancient, ancient knowledge.  I was truly overwhelmed.  I couldn't believe such a creature wanted to talk to a nobody like me. But it did.  And it liked me.  It told me that it would not be long now before the earth changes would reach us here in the Northwoods.  It told me that I needed to know that the big trees that survived the tornado from two years ago had decided to gladly give up their lives to shelter the young trees that have taken root since the forest was opened up by the tornado from terrible hail storms that will be coming.  I am not to worry and I will be guided in helping the forest to regenerate. I am not to delay -- but I can't recall in what.

And that was all I can remember.  I have noticed though that since I had the dream, I have an urge to re-read many of my books about trees, herbs and wildflowers, native grasses, and weeds.  I keep getting the idea to not look to planting traditional food crops, but to look instead at cultivating weeds and other wild plants for food.  Doing this seems perfectly normal to me though I have a hard time seeing me eating things like yellow dock and burdock. 

The next dream was very short.  Tom, Ed and I were working out in the field.  Suddenly I noticed that everything was dead silent.  I stopped what I was doing and looked around.  Nothing was moving.  Then I looked up at the sky, and coming from the north, I saw a thin rainbow arc moving rapidly over us across the sky.  For a moment I thought it might be a weather front moving in but there was no accompanying temperature change. Then I screamed, "Run!" because I realized that it was the edge of some kind of shock wave.  I grabbed Eddy's hand and ran to the creek.  We slid down the bank and crouched just above the water.  It wasn't much protection, but it was below ground level.  Tom didn't come with us; he stood where he was and didn't understand what was happening.  My thoughts were with Lara because I knew there wasn't enough time to get back to the house where she was.  Then the wave hit us, and that's all I remember.

Strange dreams for strange times, I reckon.

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  1. Thanks for sharing your dreams...truly fascinating. It would seem that the closer we are to the natural/spiritual world the more widely our eyes are opened to all that it has to teach us...unfortunately, I believe most people continue to tromp through life with blinders on.